Personal Branding Sessions


What is a personal brand?
A personal brand is all about using YOU, your story, your values, and your personality to attract your ideal client. People buy from people, and your clients (current and future) want to know, like and trust you. That’s where your personal brand comes in. Think of it as connecting with your ideal clients beyond the usual website, Facebook page, or ads.

What is personal branding photography? Isn’t it just business headshots?
NOPE! While you can get business headshots anywhere, personal branding shots encompass much more and are all about your brand, you and your values. In our time together, I’ll work with you on capturing amazing images showing you at your work and that also communicates your style to potential clients. I like to work with your existing logos and color schemes to create images that you can use well in the future for your business. Not just on your website.

How can photography help my personal brand?
Photography can really up your game and provide some beautiful illustrations of who you are and what you do best. My job is to help you look your best and to capture the essence of what you’re about.

What do sessions include?

  • A time to chat to help us figure the best way to tell your story and goals of your brand

  • Customized stock photos shot only for you and used by no one else

  • We'll collaborate to come up with scenes that accentuate what you stand for and how you want to be seen

  • A private, full gallery of high-resolution "lifestyle " shots showing you doing what you do, in your environment

  • Photos cropped for all the social networks you’re utilizing (or want to)

  • At least an hour or two in 1-2 locations 

  • A commercial use license and reproduction rights

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