An ever-changing list I've compiled so far... hope this helps!



  1. A car seat and base that you won't mind hauling everywhere.
  2. A good diaper and wipes subscription. Amazon, Target, Costco, etc. all offer them.
  3. A bullet proof diaper pail: because you don't want your house to smell like baby shit - We love the Ubbi Diaper Pail as much as one can love a diaper pail. More pricey upfront but doesn't require special liners that add up very quickly over time! 
  4. A portable changing mat:  Because you will have to change diapers everywhere and anywhere .. I really like the Skip Hop changing mat for ease of us, pockets, and easy to clean. I also like Logan + Lenora's mat and pouches to keep my bag organized. 
  5. A good baby carrier: I really like LilleBaby since you can use from birth on and are more supportive than Ergo (Roman prefers that one) and baby wraps. Look for ones that will support your babe properly. You can borrow different ones to try on through a local Babywearing International group.
  6. Good laundry detergent and access to a washing machine.
  7. Something you eventually need to contain your sleeping child in: maybe it will be a mini crib or a pack'n'play. Eventually you will want to take a shower solo and need to set the kid down somewhere safe. Do not set on the bed or sofa because you will be surprised how they quickly learn to move!!! 
  8. Absorbent burp cloths and/or swaddles: You will be surprised how much spit up, barf, milk, etc. will come out of your little human. I always have a pile of clean towels on hand. They don't need to be fancy as they will be destroyed from all the projectiles. I like the Aden and Anais swaddles as they are generously sized, very breathable, and get softer with every wash.
  9. Baby First Aid Kit:
    • The Nose Frida You will eventually need to suction out a lot of snot when kiddo starts to build immune system.
    • Really good baby nail clippers: you will find even sooner that your child has razor-like claws that will need to be trimmed to exact *TINY* precision. If you aren't yet comfortable using clippers, use a small nail file to soften the nail.
    • A thermometer: The most accurate reading is rectal - so yeah...
    • Baby Tylenol
    • Aquaphor or an equally versatile ointment for diaper rash etc.
  10. Easy-to-change clothes: Footies with zippers or magnets (even better) will be your best friend when kiddo needs to sleep or be clothed. Just forget anything with snaps. 

Maybe you need/maybe not? 

  1. A stroller eventually: If you plan to do a lot of walking and need to haul things. With Iza, I used my carseat caddy stroller combo a lot when I needed to walk to the grocery store, etc. With two kiddos, I baby wear one and use the ultralight weight BabyZen Yoyo+ (splurge item after I found most strollers to be to big to transport via public transportation) to use while out and about. 

    You can find a lot of KILLER DEALS on parent facebook groups here for barely used high end strollers (Stokke, Bugaboo, BOB, Baby Jogger brand, etc.). If you can, avoid buying new.
  2. A good support pillow like a Boppy: You know that U-shape pillow I brought with me everywhere? Seriously best purchase for breast or bottle feeding and rocking baby to sleep. It saved my back and arms! Plus you can use to prop kiddo up and use for tummy time.
  3. Versatile cover: So far the best ones I've tried are from MilkSnob. You can use as a car seat cover, nursing cover, swaddle, etc. 


Feeding + Local Resources

I'm with the FED is best crowd (though some people are annoyingly judgmental on whether to breast or bottle feed). If breastfeeding is your intended route, here are some resources I found useful. 

Call your insurance company after baby is born to order your breast pump if you are planning to pump at all. Most cover pumps - Spectra (I am now a Spectra 1 convert and use Medela part converters) and Medela (easier to find parts) are the best options usually. 

Hold off buying any bottles until you try a few first because some babies do have a preference! I have a whole huge kit of them if you would like to try a few... 

  • KellyMom: the best resource for breastfeeding advice and troubleshooting
  • La Leche League: also helpful and there are local chapters worldwide
  • Swedish Lytle Center: 
    AMAZING resource center for new parents and their babies. Many insurance companies cover lactation consultation visits and their staff is really top notch. They also have a scale you can use anytime to weigh your baby.

    They also offer many great classes, including Infant First Aid/CPR, the awesome New Mom Support group, and new Breastfeeding and Returning to Work class
  • PEPS:  I missed the sign-up for this (very popular!). 

    "The PEPS Newborn program is for new parents to attend with their babies (2-16 weeks old when the group starts). Groups meet in the homes of groups members for 12 weeks, during the day with one parent attending (the same parent each week), or in the evening with one or both parents. Each meeting includes time for sharing parenting highs and lows, time to focus on the babies' development and a discussion topic. Meetings also include break time for informal socializing and connecting with other parents.

    Who Attends: One or Both Parents & Baby
    Time of Day: Day or Evening
    Cost: $160/one parent or $210/both parents*"


Other Links:


Local Kids' Consignment: 

Online Links:

  • Lucie's List: great for product reviews and postpartum realness
  • Mother magazine: Hip e-mag for moms
  • The Bump: I used the app when I was pregnant and beyond. Great tools for keeping track of progress of before and after baby arrives.
  • WeeSpring: beautiful, easy-to-use product review site
  • Dockatot: Fantastic, portable, and breathable sleeper (10% in email link) - We used both sizes for Iza and it was great for travel. I use for Lucian's sleep upstairs. Another new, less expensive version that has been recommended is the Snuggle Me Organic.
  • Primary: basic, affordable baby and kids clothes with no labels or annoying cartoons ($10 off in email link)
  • Tea Collection: Really high quality kids' clothing, with a different international theme each season. The best deals are to be had at the end of each season. Click link for 20% off.
  • Magnetic Me: Magnet clothing! They offer big sales every season so I wait to stock up  (great for gifts, too).
  • Nui Organics: high end New Zealand washable merino wool base layers that have been great for keeping Iza's temperature regulated.
  • Polarn O. Pyret: Swedish brand of really good outerwear (base layers to rain jackets for kiddos). Also look out for sales! 
  • Hanna Andersson: Pricey but their pj's are the best (and resale well here in Seattle). Look out for their two annual sales and consignment, 
  • Gathre: leather bonded mats good for picnics, beach, clean-up. I use for outdoor activities, including waterproof surface for outdoorphoto sessions.
  • Solly Baby: soft baby wraps (really nice for newborn stage, good up to 25 lbs) and beautiful swaddles
  • Chatbooks: Easy-to-create photo books to document your first year with baby and beyond
  • Artifact Uprising: archival quality prints and photo books I like to use for clients and family gifts
  • Seattle Moms Deal Finder: basically a blog with all the best and latest kids/baby/mom sales posted daily


Seems to be the standard in this area. Expect a lot of shots and blood work in the first days...

  1. Obviously right after birth and during your postpartum stay (if delivering at hospital, will receive Hepatitis B vaccine
  2. 3-5 day visit
  3. 7-10 day visit
  4. 2 month check-up plus round of vaccines
  5. 4 month check=up plus more vaccines
  6. 6 month check-up plus vaccines
  7. 9 month check-up plus vaccines
  8. 1 year check-up....and even more shots!
  9. 15 month check-up and shots
  10. 18 month check-up
  11. 2 year wellness visit
Source: Washington State Department of Health,

Source: Washington State Department of Health,